Rumor: Apple to Use Screen AMOLED iPad 3

Friday, May 27, 2011

Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said to have visited South Korea last week to speak with executives from Samsung. The meeting was reportedly about Apple's desire to move to the AMOLED screen iPad their third generation.

The claim comes from a story published by The Korea Herald, cited by A source said the third generation IPAD can be launched by the end of this year. So that was quoted on Friday (27/05/2011).

The report concludes that Apple has to offer Samsung's "advance" of AMOLED display for tablet use is phenomenal. Currently, a 2 IPAD IPS LCD panel using the same screen used in the first generation iPad.

Other reports also claim the Samsung Super brighter AMOLED display, the reflection of sunlight that can reduce power consumption and more efficient. It is also claimed that the new display significant advantages over traditional LCDs have.

The report also said that if Apple switched to Samsung AMOLED screen can cause problems for LG, which currently offers LCD for 2 iPad cause.

Rumors about Apple's adoption of AMOLED technology is not new, and even before the iPad was officially announced last year. And in December last year, said the limited supply of AMOLED screen is the main reason that Apple technology in their second iPad ignore.

Asus immediately launched Eee Pad Slider?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Asus Eee Pad Slider
After the launch last April Transformer Pad Eee, Asus is reportedly going back to the market with the Eee Pad Slider.

Engadget launch on Saturday (05/28/2011), a company headquartered in Taipei, which has confirmed that the 10.1-inch tablet Android will "immediately released". However, Asus is still reluctant to see the details of the specifications or the price of the smart device known.

Previous estimates that only Asus Eee Pad Slider, the production cost to be between USD500 to USD800.

This year, Asus plans cast four tablet computer based on Android 3.0 or Honeycomb, designed for different types of users and applications. The first tablet, the Eee Transformer Pad was April last year with the official price of £ 379 for the 16GB version and £ 420 for the 32GB version.

Slider Pad Eee will reportedly be equipped with a 10.1-inch touch screen, and IPS slide QWERTY keyboard that slides out for easy typing. Furthermore, the Eee Pad Slider also reinforced by NVIDIA Tegra 2, the world's most advanced mobile processors with dual-core CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.

Like the Eee Transformer Pad, not Asus not forget the digital camera integrated into the front of a magnitude 1.2 megapixels and 5 MP back pair.

"iPhone 5" Use a convex lens?

Friday, May 27, 2011

The presence of fifth-generation iPhone is still shrouded in mystery, from the date of the launch of technology LTE (Long Term Evolution) support. Now again rumors that brand new iPhone a convex lens 5 will be used as mobile phone screen.

Rumors that the Taiwanese tech site Digitimes, delivered Monday (23/05/2011). Digitimes claims Apple has purchased approximately 200 to 300 glass cutting machine to produce convex lenses boost.

If the news proves to be true, this is not the first time that Apple uses convex lenses to its product. Previously, Apple used the lens on the old generation iPod Nano.

In addition to the iPod Nano, Samsung also uses a convex lens for smartphones Nexus S hers. Samsung claims that the decision to use a convex lens for the convenience of users.

"Samsung's research shows that a convex lens is more practical than the flat panel displays," said as quoted by Digitimes.

Apple iPhone reportedly began production in July 5, before the official launch in September. But the news was also unclear after the recent rumors that the phone off stabbing of the fifth generation of the iconic new presence will be on November 21.

Change the iPhone 4 So White, Apple Sued Teens

Friday, May 27, 2011

Apple sent a lawsuit against a teenager who is known for selling equipment to the iPhone version 4 to change black to white.

IT Portal reported on Friday (05/27/2011) Fei's Lick "Phillip Lam running an online business that allows someone to change their iphone-4 black and white to color. Lamb started this company as you know Apple's plans to postpone the release of the iPhone 4 white.

Responding to reports about the company, Apple sites demanding Lam, "" immediately closed. Not only that, from Cupertino tech giant also lifted the lawsuit against his parents because Lam is using Apple's trademark without permission.

"The suspect was very aware that Apple has never authorized the sale of white panels iPhone mobile device gave 4. He (Lamb) received and the sale of the panels from sources that do not get approval from Apple and its official supplier" , Apple claims requirements.

Nevertheless, based on the latest news from Mac Rumors, Apple pulls this question. Mac Rumors indicate both parties choose to resolve problems between us.

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