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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Data from Djuzz Mobile Gaming Metrics that the Blackberry has one of the devices used by mobile gamers have become.

Based on these data Djuzz, last year, Blackberry controls 0.5 percent (288,000) of total downloads, put his foot in a number of major mobile markets such as Britain, the United States and Indonesia. This growth is due to launch RIM AppWorld and support HTML5 (webworks) last year.

Download via BlackBerry has tripled in the second half of 2010 and is due to the increased distribution of games in the catalog Djuzz (released in mid-May 2010) and an increase of games for BlackBerry phones available in the third quarter.

"Mobile game the stronger. We believe in 2011 was a very good year for mobile gaming community of developers, brand owners who use mobile gaming to its target audience," said Dr. KF Lai, CEO of Buzz City, in his official statement, Thursday (13/01/2011).

This report was taken in December 2010 highlights the trend of mobile gaming in the last eleven months since Djuzz launched. In less than one year of operation, has distributed nearly 50 million Djuzz mobile games.

Djuzz has distributed more than 9 million mobile games in December alone, an increase of 18 percent showed. During December, there are 120,000 unique visitors to the portal Djuzz every day (an increase of 9 percent compared to November) and every visitor with a minimum of four times to download.

While mobile phone from China without the brand has an impact in the last quarter of 2010, but Nokia still dominates market share. 15 of 20 top mobile phone the Nokia 2010 is the output, and 49 percent of the total download from a Nokia mobile phone.

mobile phone from China, without a mark on the other side began to fall at the end of the year, with only 10 percent of total downloads in the year 2010. Other types of mobile phones such as BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG continues to maintain their position by increasing their presence in several countries like the United States, Britain, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Ghana.

In fact, along with popularnya Djuzz in emerging markets, BlackBerry prove themselves as one of the phones are increasingly used by mobile gamers.

Djuzz supported free mobile gaming portal aimed at providing diverse entertainment for mobile ads. This diversity is due to the cooperation with many world-famous game developer selected. Djuzz enjoy the power distribution of the portfolio, mobile services and the diversification of distribution partners change and grow with the city buzz distribution costs

Buzz City is a mobile media company to brand owners and advertising agencies a global ad network on the mobile Internet. The network consists of publishers from around the world and mobile media buzz of city property. The result of international developments, examines the city buzz determining consumer behavior for marketers to reach users via the "Mobile Internet marketing.


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