Grandma from Israel smuggle 44 iPhone in stockings

Sunday, January 30, 2011

There are many ways people do to mobile phones in large numbers to smuggle through the airport. A grandmother in Israel was caught smuggling 44 iPhone when it returns to Tel Aviv from London last week.

Action grandmothers in their 60s is somewhat reckless. Why not, she hides all the Apple handset output in the stockings she wore.

Officer Ben-Gurion International Airport not initially suspect that the grandmother. However, when running through the body scanner, airport security officer saw her strange way.

The grandmother eventually caught with contraband all handsets. Although later released, he could face fines or even lawsuits, as reported by the Cellular-News, Monday (31/01/2011).

The appeal of the iPhone can not be denied. Moreover, in Israel the iPhone is still quite high priced.

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