Cloud Computing Can Find Wi-Fi password?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Computer security researchers from Germany, Thomas Roth, finding innovative ways to benefit from cloud computing, which is the password on the wireless Internet network to break.

Roth creates a program that is executed using Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing Service (EC2). It uses the EC2 computing power for large 400 000 possible passwords per second to solve. This can be done, especially since EC2 is now using the graphics processor (GPU) in a computer task possible.

In other words, Roth has developed software that lets millions of possible keywords before the encryption and see if the keywords that can be used for the network, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (01/11/2011) access.

Roth pleaded with the help of its software and EC2, Wi-Fi standard passwords can be solved in the next six minutes. He proved it by teams of the network in the area where she lives.

Reportedly, Roth wants to distribute the software to the public. In the near future, his findings at the Black Hat conference in Washington DC.

Pengggunaan EC2 system for that purpose would clearly be contrary to the provisions of the Amazon. However, according to Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener, if you use the software solely for research, then no problem.

Roth aim to share information about the software is to demonstrate that the calculation using pre-shared key (WPA-PSK) if protection is not completely secure. WPA-PSK systems are typically used in homes or small businesses who are unable to get the server authentication system more secure and complex, 802.1X offer.


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