Malibu, First Touch Screen BlackBerry Curve

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Touch-screen technology is ready for RIM's BlackBerry Curve to a series of them. Yes, it is a Canadian company rumored to be bringing the BlackBerry Curve touchscreen.

According to rumors, Curve touchscreen will have a term like Strom, where QWERTY keyboard will be removed in order to maximize the on-screen touch screen technology. The matter will Curve Series, the name of Malibu.

Launched by Engadget, Saturday (01/29/2011), BlackBerry Malibu will come with Qualcomm processor with 800 MHz kekuaatan. Moreover, the size of the screen, the concept quality HVGA 3.25 inches present.

About the size of the camera, the camera resolution rumors that the BlackBerry 5-megapixel camera, with different abilities in high definition quality video capture. Problem kitchen runway, BlackBerry brings 1GB of internal memory with 512 megabits of RAM.

Reportedly, this Malibu mid-2011. However, there is no official confirmation about the presence Curve touch.

This fact would contradict the statement made by RIM some time ago, where she continues to BlackBerrty comfortable with the concept of the physical qwerty. Furthermore, they will still dominate instead of qwerty touch screen.

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