Parental controls are not fully effective

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Although parental control software can block access to most porn sites, but only a tiny software that can perform filtering of inappropriate content consumed by children on social networking sites and blogs.

So the results of the Internet in Europe to study, launched Straits Times, Friday (14/01/2011). Based on latest data released by the European Commission says there are 84 percent successful software programs block access to porn sites.

But only a handful of devices using the Short Message Service to block inappropriate or sort content on the Internet media such as blogs, forums or social networking sites.

This is clearly the work for the parents. Moreover, the computer no longer the only way a child can access the internet. Approximately 31 percent of children access the Internet through mobile phones, while 25 percent compared to other platforms such as Xbox or PlayStation.

While other studies in the European Union, which is known to only 25 percent of parents use parental controls to their child or the type of activities in cyberspace.


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