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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Apple's best quarter sales record, the end of 2010, when the U.S. technology giant, which has a total revenue of $ 26.7 billion received.

That number represents a significant increase compared to the third quarter, that 'only' record U.S. $ 15.1 billion. IPad and increased sales of the iPhone during the Christmas and New Year called a major contribution to the total profit of U.S. $ 6 billion, as reported by CNN Money, Sunday (01/23/2011).

Companies from Cupertino, Calif., sold 7.3 million in the fourth quarter iPad, which in fact exceeded Wall Street analysts had predicted.

IPAD success stems from several sources. The reason, but Macintosh computers are struggling to penetrate the business market, according to Apple, iPad 'hard sell' in the consumer business. Approximately 80 percent of the top Fortune 100 companies known to provide iPad for their employees.

Not only iPad, Apple was to earn greater profits from sales of the iPhone. Apple claims to have succeeded to 16.2 million iPhones, other record companies sell.

Even so, Apple predicts, iPad sales in the first quarter of 2011 will go down after passing the holidays. Because the iPod has also highlighted the same trend, with sales in the holiday season has doubled in comparison with the other three quarters.

iPod alone, over 19.5 million units sold in the fourth quarter, while sales of Macintosh computers record 4.1 million.



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