Best Jobs 2011: Software Makers

Friday, January 07, 2011

So-called software-maker known as the best job, while the offshore oil refinery workers are the worst, according to a survey in the U.S..

It is said that the software maker crowned the best job, because it has low levels of stress, well paid, and others. Also because the current market demand for sophisticated equipment needed. That is why the software maker to the best job today. Similarly, as quoted by MSNBC, Friday (7/1/2011). Meanwhile, an online job site that the survey, saying that offshore oil refinery workers are the worst, this refers to the explosion of an oil refinery owned by Transocean Offshore Ltd.. in the Gulf of Mexico on April 11 last year, which has 11 employees slain.

"Offshore oil refinery workers worked 12 hours in extreme conditions," explained the career cast.

Ranking Top five career path cast version includes a mathematician, financial advisors, statisticians and computer experts, who are generally paid twice the work of the worst ratings.

Then for a list of the worst 2011 has included a blacksmith, lumberjack, a roof repairman and a taxi driver.

For this study, 200 career cast evaluated based on the wages paid employment, work environment, stress, and others, using data from U. S. Bureu of Labor Statistics.


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