iPhone will not work in cold weather?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A number of consumers complaining about the iPhone Finland belongs to those who do not work when the center is outside the room where the air temperature in winter is below zero degrees Celsius.

Complaints that undoubtedly attract the consumer agency, Consumer Protection Office, which is carrying out an investigation, or the design of Apple's handset output that meets local regulations to supplement the devices are compatible with the cold temperatures arrived.

Register Site launched on Monday (1/31/2011), consumers who complained to earn cash compensation Consumer Protection Office as evidence that Apple has violated consumer protection laws.

Most of the phone still works despite the fact that the room with the temperature below zero degrees. Usually the phone is designed to collapse to prevent the air temperature, even below zero degrees on the plane.

Located on the territory of Scandinavia, Finland is often a very cold air temperatures. In the south, the winter lasts four months and the average temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Even during the coldest, Finland may include temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius.


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