Nokia E6, Mobile First Symbian Based Anna

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Nokia E6
Nokia presents the latest smartphone with the Symbian Anna, today. E6-Series is Nokia's first smart phone with a touch screen QWERTY keyboard in a monoblock design combines.

In the case with Nokia Media Day out in the Fantasy World amusement park, a legal opportunity to try some of the advantages Nokia E6 short.

Seeing the design, it is clear that the E6 is the successor to the E71 and E72. With a 4 inch screen and 10.5 millimeters thick, this phone is very comfortable to grasp. Furthermore, Nokia E6 offers a big enough screen size (4 inch), so users will be very easy to operate.

The most interesting aspect of the E6 a camera that seems a high resolution of 8 megapixels. No wonder, the Nokia E6 is capable of capturing images with very good results even approaching quality pocket camera.

Not only that, users can also edit images directly on the device, despite its editing options are not too many.

Nokia not forget his pride messaging application, WhatsApp. Moreover, with new features like group chat, share your location and share photos and video, users will not have to worry about communicating with friends, colleagues both users of the Nokia and other platforms is limited.

What makes this special is E6, this is the first smartphone from Nokia with the latest operating system from Symbian Anna. This system allows users to browse and download faster.

In addition, Symbian also ensure completion OVI Anna Maps to search, public transport routes and check-ins for a variety of social networks.

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