Q4 2010 shipments reach 10 million tablets

Monday, January 31, 2011

iPad and Galaxy Tab
iPad and Galaxy Tab,dominate tablet market
According to recent research from Strategy Analytics, worldwide tablet shipments reach 10 million units in the fourth quarter of 2010. Apple maintained the first position, while the Android rose by over 22 percent worldwide share.

"Shipping tablet worldwide grew 120 percent, reaching 9.7 million unit shipments in the fourth quarter of 2010," said Peter King, director of Strategy Analytics' Cellular News, reported on Monday (1/31/2011).

"Apple is the first position, noting that an impressive 75 percent market share worldwide during the fourth quarter, but its market share dropped from 95 percent in the third quarter of 2010 due to increased competition from Android," he said again.

Neil Mawston, director of Strategy Analytics, adding that the volume of shipments tablets Android percent growth in 2000 has made its global market share rose to 22 percent in Q4 2010. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the main driver of the success of Android.

They also hope that Android can gain market share worldwide tablets during the first half of 2011. Some models of large suppliers are scheduled to present at the store, which a Motorola Xoom. The development of the tablets will Android more attractive to the media developer in the United States (U.S.) and worldwide.



Grandma from Israel smuggle 44 iPhone in stockings

Sunday, January 30, 2011

There are many ways people do to mobile phones in large numbers to smuggle through the airport. A grandmother in Israel was caught smuggling 44 iPhone when it returns to Tel Aviv from London last week.

Action grandmothers in their 60s is somewhat reckless. Why not, she hides all the Apple handset output in the stockings she wore.

Officer Ben-Gurion International Airport not initially suspect that the grandmother. However, when running through the body scanner, airport security officer saw her strange way.

The grandmother eventually caught with contraband all handsets. Although later released, he could face fines or even lawsuits, as reported by the Cellular-News, Monday (31/01/2011).

The appeal of the iPhone can not be denied. Moreover, in Israel the iPhone is still quite high priced.

iPhone will not work in cold weather?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A number of consumers complaining about the iPhone Finland belongs to those who do not work when the center is outside the room where the air temperature in winter is below zero degrees Celsius.

Complaints that undoubtedly attract the consumer agency, Consumer Protection Office, which is carrying out an investigation, or the design of Apple's handset output that meets local regulations to supplement the devices are compatible with the cold temperatures arrived.

Register Site launched on Monday (1/31/2011), consumers who complained to earn cash compensation Consumer Protection Office as evidence that Apple has violated consumer protection laws.

Most of the phone still works despite the fact that the room with the temperature below zero degrees. Usually the phone is designed to collapse to prevent the air temperature, even below zero degrees on the plane.

Located on the territory of Scandinavia, Finland is often a very cold air temperatures. In the south, the winter lasts four months and the average temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Even during the coldest, Finland may include temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius.


Galaxy Tab Loved South Koreans

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Galaxy Tab
South Korean consumer products more love in their own country. This is clear after the sale of the successful production of the Samsung Galaxy Tab penjualaan surpass Apple iPad.

And as is known, nearly 60 percent from the sale of tablets in the world dominated by iPad. Even in a survey, iPad more desirable than the Galaxy Tab in the United States.
It is a fact Samsung Galaxy pull tabs 400 000 units sold in two months since its launch, while the iPad only sold 98,000 units during the same period.

Launched by UberGizmodo, Saturday (1/29/2011), just the sale iPad strong only in the region just west of the country. The proof is in spite of the iPad sales in Western countries are still not deterred, but in Asian countries east of the position of Apple's can still be moved.

Another advantage that makes Tab sold well in the country of origin is the Galaxy Tab has a lot of Korean language content. While the application, Apple is still superior than 350 000 applications that Android is only 150 000.

Galaxy Tab released in Korea are equipped with the contents of popular magazines as well as a bookstore application is very wide, while Apple only a few Korean language eBooks.

Samsung is a strong position in eastern company, it's natural to see that his performance was the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world.


Malibu, First Touch Screen BlackBerry Curve

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Touch-screen technology is ready for RIM's BlackBerry Curve to a series of them. Yes, it is a Canadian company rumored to be bringing the BlackBerry Curve touchscreen.

According to rumors, Curve touchscreen will have a term like Strom, where QWERTY keyboard will be removed in order to maximize the on-screen touch screen technology. The matter will Curve Series, the name of Malibu.

Launched by Engadget, Saturday (01/29/2011), BlackBerry Malibu will come with Qualcomm processor with 800 MHz kekuaatan. Moreover, the size of the screen, the concept quality HVGA 3.25 inches present.

About the size of the camera, the camera resolution rumors that the BlackBerry 5-megapixel camera, with different abilities in high definition quality video capture. Problem kitchen runway, BlackBerry brings 1GB of internal memory with 512 megabits of RAM.

Reportedly, this Malibu mid-2011. However, there is no official confirmation about the presence Curve touch.

This fact would contradict the statement made by RIM some time ago, where she continues to BlackBerrty comfortable with the concept of the physical qwerty. Furthermore, they will still dominate instead of qwerty touch screen.


Kindle Headphones

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kindle headphones
As the holder of the book is the audio playback is available, you can read Kindle 3 for you. From books to magazines, newspapers and even blogs, this stylish and intelligent use text-to-speech. You can enjoy this innovation with speakers or headphones.

Kindle 3 is also capable of storing MP3 and other audio files. However, you do not think it is unethical if you use the speakers on your Kindle in public places like a library? Or, you can not just sit in a cafe with your Kindle to full volume in a boom box, right? That's where a few helmets Kindle beautiful hand.

There are many opinions Kindle headphones available in stores from manufacturers such as Sony, JVC Sennheiser. There are even packages that adapters, so you do not buy them separately to make.

Kindle ranges of small headphones (which are called channel headphones) to a greater covering your entire ear. There are even a number of additional features to these headphones as noise-isolating device vertical ear design for comfort and some even come with the accessory clips to prevent falls.

Regarding what you should get, depending on the features you want. Prices range from $ 1.49 to $ 350 depending on the brand, quality and specifications. A headset for your Kindle is a must if you want to optimize the use of your favorite E-book Reader, use it on the doors of your favorite coffee shop with free WiFi, or just sit at home while the TV is booming and away from it all.


Latest Samsung Galaxy Quartet still rely on Android

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Samsung Gio and Ace, two of the four most recent Galaxy
Samsung announces the launch of four handsets Galaxy is ready to be sold in the United Kingdom and the surrounding areas began in March and April. Still rely on Android.

The addition of four variants of the Galaxy after the success of the Samsung's S Galaxy which sold 10 million units over the next seven months, according to as reported by Mobile News, Thursday (01/27/2011).

The four new variants-Ace, Fit, and Mini-Gio Galaxy will use the Android operating system 2.2. Ace, Mini and Fit will be released in March, while Gio was launched in the market in April.

"After the phenomenal success and popularity Galaxy S Android shot, we want a smart phone can be enjoyed by more users, by adding a portfolio, " says managing director of Samsung UK and Ireland, Simon Stanford.

"Galaxy now offers a complete version of the smart phone. combining exceptional technology hardware and latest operating system with interactive content, we believe what we can offer is acceptable to all people, regardless of whether this is their first smartphone or fifth," added Stanford .


iPad and iPhone Apple Jacks Revenue

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Apple's best quarter sales record, the end of 2010, when the U.S. technology giant, which has a total revenue of $ 26.7 billion received.

That number represents a significant increase compared to the third quarter, that 'only' record U.S. $ 15.1 billion. IPad and increased sales of the iPhone during the Christmas and New Year called a major contribution to the total profit of U.S. $ 6 billion, as reported by CNN Money, Sunday (01/23/2011).

Companies from Cupertino, Calif., sold 7.3 million in the fourth quarter iPad, which in fact exceeded Wall Street analysts had predicted.

IPAD success stems from several sources. The reason, but Macintosh computers are struggling to penetrate the business market, according to Apple, iPad 'hard sell' in the consumer business. Approximately 80 percent of the top Fortune 100 companies known to provide iPad for their employees.

Not only iPad, Apple was to earn greater profits from sales of the iPhone. Apple claims to have succeeded to 16.2 million iPhones, other record companies sell.

Even so, Apple predicts, iPad sales in the first quarter of 2011 will go down after passing the holidays. Because the iPod has also highlighted the same trend, with sales in the holiday season has doubled in comparison with the other three quarters.

iPod alone, over 19.5 million units sold in the fourth quarter, while sales of Macintosh computers record 4.1 million.



10 billion downloaded applications on the Apple App Store

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Apple App Store
Noticed all 10 billion euro per download at Apple's App Store on Saturday (22 / 1), according to an announcement by the world's leading technology companies.

"Thank you. 10 billion. App Store, Apple has 10 billion downloads. achieved thanks to our users because we have been able to reach that number, " Apple wrote on their website. Similarly, as quoted by Emirates 247, Sunday (01/23/2011).

Apple App Store offers more than 300 000 apllikasi free and paid for products like the popular Apple iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch.

The success of Apple's App Store rival competitors such as Blackberry, Google (which is the developer of the Android OS), and other businesses are also launching its own app store.

Apple reportedly received a net profit of 6 billion euros on Tuesday (18 / 1), one day after Steve Jobs announced his plans to conduct a medical examination.


Downloading a Cisco IOS device 60 requests

Monday, January 17, 2011

Asmyco is an industry analyst and application developers from Finland, has announced on their blog a report that each device IOS is downloaded more than 60 applications.

Asmyco company reported that more than 60 applications were downloaded for each device sold IOS. Similarly, as quoted by TechCrunch, Monday (01/17/2011).

"These figures are compared to only 10 applications previously downloaded to an iPhone / iPod touch sold in 2008,"said the Asmyco.

Asmyco get this result based on the calculation that about 30 million applications downloaded every day around the world. Asmyco Then divide this figure by the number of IOS devices that were sold, including the iPhone and iPod touch iPad. Based on these calculations, Asmyco say that each of the IOS device is already sold more than 60 applications downloaded.

If the number of downloads from the Apple App Store application number 10 billion, now download applications accelerate the growth of music downloads on iTunes.

Last year Asmyco also reported that the download speed IOS application will pass the number of music downloads.


New variant 3 iPad Appear at Best Buy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Electronic Stores United States (U.S.), Best Buy, with three new variants IPAD on its website. Still no explanation of the technical specifications in the website.

Cellular News on Monday (1/18/2011), start when there is no further specification, Best Buy with three new variants iPad with prices starting at USD599, USD699 to 99, 99.

Rumors surrounding the launch of the iPad 2's already heard a while. Some parties believe Apple will introduce new models of their flagship tablet, in February next year. Moreover, some visitors to the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in 2011 claimed that saw the mockup of the product.

A recent report also indicated as Apple iPad in the current version to fill with a built-CDMA. As is known variants IPAD currently only a WCDMA-based 3G and WiFi connection offer.

Looking at prices not much different variants that already exist iPad, the question of the release of IPAD sail 7 inches is not really happening, where the 7-inch screen should be sold at a price lower than other IPAD model has a large screen.



Parental controls are not fully effective

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Although parental control software can block access to most porn sites, but only a tiny software that can perform filtering of inappropriate content consumed by children on social networking sites and blogs.

So the results of the Internet in Europe to study, launched Straits Times, Friday (14/01/2011). Based on latest data released by the European Commission says there are 84 percent successful software programs block access to porn sites.

But only a handful of devices using the Short Message Service to block inappropriate or sort content on the Internet media such as blogs, forums or social networking sites.

This is clearly the work for the parents. Moreover, the computer no longer the only way a child can access the internet. Approximately 31 percent of children access the Internet through mobile phones, while 25 percent compared to other platforms such as Xbox or PlayStation.

While other studies in the European Union, which is known to only 25 percent of parents use parental controls to their child or the type of activities in cyberspace.



DMC-GF 2, New Series Panasonic Camera System

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Panasonic Gobel Indonesia launched its latest generation of digital cameras, namely System Camera LUMIX DMC-GF 2.

"Digital cameras and digital imaging industry in Indonesia continues to grow. develop Panasonic as one of the manufacturers of consumer electronics products have the commitment to one of the major players in the industry," said Rinaldi Sharif, vice president director of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia .

LUMIX DMC-GF 2 is one of a series of products System Camera LUMIX G-series lens technology that uses Micro Four-third. DMC-GF 2 is the smallest camera in the ranks Camera System with more than 19 percent reduction in the size of its predecessor.

GF 2 equipped with high-speed lens 12.1 Megapixel, Live MOS censorship, and the Venus Engine FHD. The image quality and high film also offered by the LUMIX DMC-GF 2 through full HD 1920 x 1080 @ 60i (NTSC) / 5oi (PAL) in AVCHD.

LUMIX DMC-GF 2 has a touch screen control and GUI (Graphic User Interface) with Touch-Q menu can be customized.

"For the year 2010, still the market share of the LUMIX G-series was one percent for the local market. But our target of 3 percent for 2011," said Dharmaparayana Sthirabudhi, Network Product Manager, Panasonic.

Price per unit of the LUMIX DMC-GF 2 is Rp.7, 2 million.


Djuzz Mobile: Blackberry Start a Game Device

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Data from Djuzz Mobile Gaming Metrics that the Blackberry has one of the devices used by mobile gamers have become.

Based on these data Djuzz, last year, Blackberry controls 0.5 percent (288,000) of total downloads, put his foot in a number of major mobile markets such as Britain, the United States and Indonesia. This growth is due to launch RIM AppWorld and support HTML5 (webworks) last year.

Download via BlackBerry has tripled in the second half of 2010 and is due to the increased distribution of games in the catalog Djuzz (released in mid-May 2010) and an increase of games for BlackBerry phones available in the third quarter.

"Mobile game the stronger. We believe in 2011 was a very good year for mobile gaming community of developers, brand owners who use mobile gaming to its target audience," said Dr. KF Lai, CEO of Buzz City, in his official statement, Thursday (13/01/2011).

This report was taken in December 2010 highlights the trend of mobile gaming in the last eleven months since Djuzz launched. In less than one year of operation, has distributed nearly 50 million Djuzz mobile games.

Djuzz has distributed more than 9 million mobile games in December alone, an increase of 18 percent showed. During December, there are 120,000 unique visitors to the portal Djuzz every day (an increase of 9 percent compared to November) and every visitor with a minimum of four times to download.

While mobile phone from China without the brand has an impact in the last quarter of 2010, but Nokia still dominates market share. 15 of 20 top mobile phone the Nokia 2010 is the output, and 49 percent of the total download from a Nokia mobile phone.

mobile phone from China, without a mark on the other side began to fall at the end of the year, with only 10 percent of total downloads in the year 2010. Other types of mobile phones such as BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG continues to maintain their position by increasing their presence in several countries like the United States, Britain, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Ghana.

In fact, along with popularnya Djuzz in emerging markets, BlackBerry prove themselves as one of the phones are increasingly used by mobile gamers.

Djuzz supported free mobile gaming portal aimed at providing diverse entertainment for mobile ads. This diversity is due to the cooperation with many world-famous game developer selected. Djuzz enjoy the power distribution of the portfolio, mobile services and the diversification of distribution partners change and grow with the city buzz distribution costs

Buzz City is a mobile media company to brand owners and advertising agencies a global ad network on the mobile Internet. The network consists of publishers from around the world and mobile media buzz of city property. The result of international developments, examines the city buzz determining consumer behavior for marketers to reach users via the "Mobile Internet marketing.



Investigation of Microsoft Windows 7 Phone Bug

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Microsoft is ready to reports of a bug on some Windows 7 Phone handsets, where the software sends and receives data that does not recognize the user to explore.

Some users complain their Windows 7 transmit data up to 50MB over 3G networks, thus exceeding the distribution of data per month. As a result, the number of points they were swollen.

A catapult user complaints via the website technology reporter Paul Thurrott, SuperSite for Windows. "I got an email from AT & T telling me that my data quota of 2GB approached. This is surprising because I was not using much data."

Other users reported similar problems. He claimed, her cell phone to send and receive data but not in use.

Microsoft has confirmed the report of the investigation. "We have this case for investigation to determine the cause. We will provide updated information and the solution if it exists," said a Microsoft spokesman was quoted by the Telegraph on Wednesday (12/01/2011).

Launched in October last year, welcome Windows 7 gets quite lively. However, Microsoft can not compete with Apple, Google and Blackberry in the "war" an increasingly competitive smartphone.


WD Scorpio Black 750GB Worth rp1, 5 million

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WD Scorpio Black 750GB
Western Digital SATA hard drive brings 2.5-inch WD Scorpio Black 750 GB 7200 RPM for high performance computers and storage devices to move.

One of the fastest hard drives on the market, WD Scorpio Black drives combine 7200 RPM speed in its class and 16 MB cache for maximum notebook performance.

Now available in capacities up to 750 GB, WD Scorpio Black hard drives provide extra capacity needed by creative professionals, gamers and PC enthusiasts to work to complete. Using the Advanced Format (AF) technology, Hard Drive 750 GB WD Scorpio Black also includes a variety of data options to actively monitor and protect valuable data.

"The new WD Scorpio Black does not disappoint, because it provides the necessary speed, large storage and efficient management of resources needed by the users of mobile devices to their favorite HD content, high-resolution images, powerful office applications or games to enjoy at home, at work or traveling, "said Matt Rutledge, vice president of product marketing, WD, in his statement on Tuesday (11/01/2011).

WD Scorpio Blue 750 GB hard drives (model number WD7500BPKT) is now available in Indonesia selected retailers and distributors. The suggested retail price (MSRP) for the WD Scorpio Black hard drive is around 750 USD 1,500,000. WD Scorpio Blue 750 GB hard drives are covered by a limited warranty of five years.


Cloud Computing Can Find Wi-Fi password?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Computer security researchers from Germany, Thomas Roth, finding innovative ways to benefit from cloud computing, which is the password on the wireless Internet network to break.

Roth creates a program that is executed using Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing Service (EC2). It uses the EC2 computing power for large 400 000 possible passwords per second to solve. This can be done, especially since EC2 is now using the graphics processor (GPU) in a computer task possible.

In other words, Roth has developed software that lets millions of possible keywords before the encryption and see if the keywords that can be used for the network, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (01/11/2011) access.

Roth pleaded with the help of its software and EC2, Wi-Fi standard passwords can be solved in the next six minutes. He proved it by teams of the network in the area where she lives.

Reportedly, Roth wants to distribute the software to the public. In the near future, his findings at the Black Hat conference in Washington DC.

Pengggunaan EC2 system for that purpose would clearly be contrary to the provisions of the Amazon. However, according to Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener, if you use the software solely for research, then no problem.

Roth aim to share information about the software is to demonstrate that the calculation using pre-shared key (WPA-PSK) if protection is not completely secure. WPA-PSK systems are typically used in homes or small businesses who are unable to get the server authentication system more secure and complex, 802.1X offer.


BlackBerry Service Endangered Closed

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BlackBerry users benefit from the facilities services available on their mobile phones in South Jakarta District Court on Monday (1/10/2011). Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring threatened to close BlackBerry service as Research In Motion (RIM) as a provider of BlackBerry services in Indonesia were not immediately block pornographic content.


Intel Pay $ 1, 5 billion to Nvidia About Patent number

Monday, January 10, 2011

nvidia logo
Intel has finally officially to pay a sum amounting to USD 1, 5 billion to Nvidia's patents related to a number of important computer technologies.

Actually, both hardware companies need each other. But that changed when a Nvidia chipset, helped to create. And all along this is the Nvidia graphics chip that is compatible with the brains of Intel.

The case was rolling, Intel Nvidia indicted in February 2009, the company that Nvidia has a new license to make chipsets compatible with the latest processors from Intel. Nvidia has refused, arguing that the permit had been there since 2004, and that was enough.

Both sides have much at stake. Intel patent agreement, the Nvidia graphics technology access. Nvidia is necessary because without the ability to Intel processors, Nvidia's chipset business is basically going to die.

Quoted in PC World, on Tuesday (11/01/2011), but at the end of the court instead decided to Intel to pay Nvidia a license for 5 years.

Intel in court proved is not in a position to Nvidia pay a patent license all nVidia which is part of the deal, while Nvidia will authorize a number of Intel's patents, but no Intel products, including microprocessors and chipsets based of the x86 design to get.



Nvidia Tegra From Invasion 2 "Super Phone"

Friday, January 07, 2011

Nvidia Tegra
Coincides with the exhibition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas, Nvidia CEO Jen-Huang Hsyn introduced range smart phone that uses 2 as the Tegra chip.

According to Huang, Tegra is based on two dual-core SoC is integrated with most muktakhir various smartphones, including the first super-LG phone, Optimus 2X. He added, Optimus 2X as the future revolution super phones can run Flash content, multitasking, and a gaming console at a time.

Huang said that CES 2011 will be an era of technological change for the mobility experience to his pc to mobile computing.

"You see changes in how the phone. What do you use for different activities, where you buy, how to enjoy the software and buy now completely changed, " Huang said, as quoted by TG Daily, Friday (7 / 1 / 2011).

Of course, in May 2011 the face of a difficult task for chip Tegra 2. By working with Adobe, Nvidia is able to run a perfect SoC Flash-based sites with super high speed to create and deliver content in 1080p HD.

Jen-Hsun Huang described the changing landscape of mobile computing has created new pressures on companies to a phone that can follow the standards of performance to create provided.

At the conference, Nvidia also announced a partnership with Verizon Wiireless future in their efforts to LTE 4G smartphone powered by Tegra to spend 2.



Best Jobs 2011: Software Makers

Friday, January 07, 2011

So-called software-maker known as the best job, while the offshore oil refinery workers are the worst, according to a survey in the U.S..

It is said that the software maker crowned the best job, because it has low levels of stress, well paid, and others. Also because the current market demand for sophisticated equipment needed. That is why the software maker to the best job today. Similarly, as quoted by MSNBC, Friday (7/1/2011).

CareerCast.com Meanwhile, an online job site that the survey, saying that offshore oil refinery workers are the worst, this refers to the explosion of an oil refinery owned by Transocean Offshore Ltd.. in the Gulf of Mexico on April 11 last year, which has 11 employees slain.

"Offshore oil refinery workers worked 12 hours in extreme conditions," explained the career cast.

Ranking Top five career path cast version includes a mathematician, financial advisors, statisticians and computer experts, who are generally paid twice the work of the worst ratings.

Then for a list of the worst 2011 has included a blacksmith, lumberjack, a roof repairman and a taxi driver.

For this study, 200 career cast evaluated based on the wages paid employment, work environment, stress, and others, using data from U. S. Bureu of Labor Statistics.



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