Downloading a Cisco IOS device 60 requests

Monday, January 17, 2011

Asmyco is an industry analyst and application developers from Finland, has announced on their blog a report that each device IOS is downloaded more than 60 applications.

Asmyco company reported that more than 60 applications were downloaded for each device sold IOS. Similarly, as quoted by TechCrunch, Monday (01/17/2011).

"These figures are compared to only 10 applications previously downloaded to an iPhone / iPod touch sold in 2008,"said the Asmyco.

Asmyco get this result based on the calculation that about 30 million applications downloaded every day around the world. Asmyco Then divide this figure by the number of IOS devices that were sold, including the iPhone and iPod touch iPad. Based on these calculations, Asmyco say that each of the IOS device is already sold more than 60 applications downloaded.

If the number of downloads from the Apple App Store application number 10 billion, now download applications accelerate the growth of music downloads on iTunes.

Last year Asmyco also reported that the download speed IOS application will pass the number of music downloads.


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