Galaxy Tab Loved South Koreans

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Galaxy Tab
South Korean consumer products more love in their own country. This is clear after the sale of the successful production of the Samsung Galaxy Tab penjualaan surpass Apple iPad.

And as is known, nearly 60 percent from the sale of tablets in the world dominated by iPad. Even in a survey, iPad more desirable than the Galaxy Tab in the United States.
It is a fact Samsung Galaxy pull tabs 400 000 units sold in two months since its launch, while the iPad only sold 98,000 units during the same period.

Launched by UberGizmodo, Saturday (1/29/2011), just the sale iPad strong only in the region just west of the country. The proof is in spite of the iPad sales in Western countries are still not deterred, but in Asian countries east of the position of Apple's can still be moved.

Another advantage that makes Tab sold well in the country of origin is the Galaxy Tab has a lot of Korean language content. While the application, Apple is still superior than 350 000 applications that Android is only 150 000.

Galaxy Tab released in Korea are equipped with the contents of popular magazines as well as a bookstore application is very wide, while Apple only a few Korean language eBooks.

Samsung is a strong position in eastern company, it's natural to see that his performance was the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world.

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