Investigation of Microsoft Windows 7 Phone Bug

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Microsoft is ready to reports of a bug on some Windows 7 Phone handsets, where the software sends and receives data that does not recognize the user to explore.

Some users complain their Windows 7 transmit data up to 50MB over 3G networks, thus exceeding the distribution of data per month. As a result, the number of points they were swollen.

A catapult user complaints via the website technology reporter Paul Thurrott, SuperSite for Windows. "I got an email from AT & T telling me that my data quota of 2GB approached. This is surprising because I was not using much data."

Other users reported similar problems. He claimed, her cell phone to send and receive data but not in use.

Microsoft has confirmed the report of the investigation. "We have this case for investigation to determine the cause. We will provide updated information and the solution if it exists," said a Microsoft spokesman was quoted by the Telegraph on Wednesday (12/01/2011).

Launched in October last year, welcome Windows 7 gets quite lively. However, Microsoft can not compete with Apple, Google and Blackberry in the "war" an increasingly competitive smartphone.


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