Intel Pay $ 1, 5 billion to Nvidia About Patent number

Monday, January 10, 2011

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Intel has finally officially to pay a sum amounting to USD 1, 5 billion to Nvidia's patents related to a number of important computer technologies.

Actually, both hardware companies need each other. But that changed when a Nvidia chipset, helped to create. And all along this is the Nvidia graphics chip that is compatible with the brains of Intel.

The case was rolling, Intel Nvidia indicted in February 2009, the company that Nvidia has a new license to make chipsets compatible with the latest processors from Intel. Nvidia has refused, arguing that the permit had been there since 2004, and that was enough.

Both sides have much at stake. Intel patent agreement, the Nvidia graphics technology access. Nvidia is necessary because without the ability to Intel processors, Nvidia's chipset business is basically going to die.

Quoted in PC World, on Tuesday (11/01/2011), but at the end of the court instead decided to Intel to pay Nvidia a license for 5 years.

Intel in court proved is not in a position to Nvidia pay a patent license all nVidia which is part of the deal, while Nvidia will authorize a number of Intel's patents, but no Intel products, including microprocessors and chipsets based of the x86 design to get.


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