WD SATA 2.5 inch HD camera designed for supervisors

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Western Digital (WD) hard disks product lines for AV / DVR, and surveillance applications with SATA hard drives are 2.5-inch to expand.

Hard Drive WD AV-1925 offers high reliability with an average use time before the hard drive crash (Mean Time Between Failure / MTBF) for 1 million hours.

Storage device is also designed for multimedia streaming applications constantly working, and working at low temperatures and quiet.

"The customers who market their applications, audio and video recordings, including DVR, media center and frequently monitoring in general a hard disk operations needed for 24 hours straight," said Jim Welsh, senior vice president and general manager of branded products and consumer groups, through a statement on Sunday (04/18/2010).

"Hard Drive WD AV-25 is designed to meet the needs of this very challenging environment and offer solutions in the small appliances that use less energy, consume less heat loss, as well as working with more rest and more reliable," he added.



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