Nintendo 3DS, most-ordered on Amazon Console

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nintendo 3DS
Amazon announced via Twitter account that Nintendo consoles 3DS is the most ordered (pre-order) in the history of their sites.

Amazon has not the amount of numbers, but they indicate that the number is very large. Similarly, as quoted from Pocket-Lint, Friday (18/03/2011).

If you want to order a new Nintendo product, the user must reach koceh for 187 euros. Then if purchased directly on the first day of the launch of Nintendo 3DS, users get free games and a bag with a lot of bonus from Nintendo, including t-shirts, blankets and a special edition of Official Nintendo Magazine.

Nintendo 3DS will be launched on March 25 in conjunction with the launch iPad 2.

Nintendo 3DS is a portable Nintendo game, which can produce 3D effects without the need for special glasses "through a process called car stereoscopy.


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