Panda Antivirus From Debut on Mac

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Supplier of security systems, Panda Antivirus began his debut in the Mac OS and OS X. This product line adds antivirus Panda in a number of the operating system after the launch of Windows and Linux platforms.

Panda Antivirus is claimed to help Mac users to block viruses, spyware, adware and other malware. The new software also has capabilities to send e-mails and scan local files on a Mac.

Panda membanderol latest products around USD49, 95 for one year license. Users are also allowed to try a test version of the official website of Panda.

Panda's debut coincided with the event from Apple "Back To The Mac" is one of the agenda announced the latest version of Mac OS X. Cnet also reported on Thursday (10/21/2010).

Whether Macs need antivirus protection has long been debated. Previously many experts and users feel that the Mac market share is relatively small so the OS rarely targeted by malware distributors. But now, Mac users, for fear of the dangers of attacks on the Mac feel.

About two years ago, Apple recommended that Mac users install virus. It shows that Macs are vulnerable to Web-based malware.

"We are approaching a critical point where the IOS will soon be a target. When Apple reached 15 percent market share worldwide, we estimate that hackers will begin to aggressively target of the attack on this platform, "said Ivan Fermon said Vice President of Product Management Panda Security.


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