Western Digital insists Seagate Acquisition

Friday, December 03, 2010

Western Digital hard drive manufacturers are increasingly eager to other manufacturers, Seagate acquired. However, the news circulated stating that Seagate reject 'proposals' put forward by the WD.

Second hard drive is the market authority, has been willing to comment on possible acquisition plan. Softpedia Thus was launched on Friday (12/03/2010).

Rumors say, even daring to WD contributes 10 to 50 percent higher than that of other buyers, TPG Capital to $ 7, reaching 5 billion.

Seagate market capitalization at the end of November, estimated at $ 6, 5 billion.

When plans were made possible by the purchase of WD WD, about 60 percent of the HDD market control.

Expansion by WD, the last year was pretty intense. Recently WD hard drive to increase production to start operations in Brazil. The plant is designed to market needs in this rapidly growing and adding essential elements for the infrastructure supply chain (supply chain) WD worldwide.

To the highest quality and lowest cost, WD will partner with a leading electronics manufacturing company in Brazil, Digitron, manufacture and implementation services to run.

Center notebook PC assembly and manufacturing of motherboards with high-capacity Digitron Manaus Free Trade Zone for WD products. This facility has the infrastructure ready, which is a highly skilled workforce and experienced management team.



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