Google Develop Android Market Web-Based

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Google finally launched the Android Market app store or the Web, following criticism from the users of Google's Android.

Previously, users often complained about the internet giant from California because it does not offer a web version of their Android Market, which can only be accessed through mobile phones.

Now the problem was finally resolved. Google Android Market is now accessible via the Internet, and Apple's App Store. As cellular-News reported on Thursday (03/02/2011).

Brand new Market site, users can also access the applications to their friends with just a few clicks and no need to use cables.

Users with a Google account can now monitor their transactions via the web version.

Market site itself is newly introduced today when Google's Android operating system version 3.0, aka Honeycomb launched. Although not yet confirmed the release date was Honeycomb would go into the market, along with slides, Apple introduced the latest version of the IPAD (IPAD 2).

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