U. S. Consumers Disappointed Galaxy Tab?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Several stores in the United States reportedly received a lot from consumers Galaxy Tab. Samsung tablet output is really disappointing?

Tony Berkman, Consumer Technology analyst at ITG reveal at least 15 percent of unit sales Tab Galaxy returned by the buyer. "Consumers do not really like this device, " said Berkman told the New York Post Wednesday (02/02/2011).

Recently, Samsung claims to have shipped two million Android-based tablets. However, the South Korean company recently said, sales were actually lower.

ITM monitoring the sale of the Galaxy Tab at about six thousand stores across the United States (U.S.), since the tablet was launched in November last year.

Still, iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander catapult defense. "Many of the problems tablets Android, not just Samsung," he said, referring to the original output tablet still the OS for mobile phones.

"Many products have problems due to the high average returns or not sold,"said Alexander.


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