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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"iPhone 4" white is thicker than its original model
As the first response  white iPhone 4 buyers are introduced to the market on Thursday (04/28/2011)? Some of them were aware of changes to the design of the phone that was much thicker than the black model.

One of the first to realize this fact is a MacRumors reader immediately wrote an email to the site.

"Take the iPhone 4 white and realize that this phone does not fit in my incase. It seems that Apple has the size of the plastic glass that borders on both sides of a millimeter increase," he wrote, as quoted by Softpedia on Saturday (30/04/2011.)

Cash flow from Ryan While enterprise software solutions directly to realize the difference when holding the device in his hand.

"A colleague had just bought 4 white 16GB iPhone. I was a bit shocked when lifting his landline. At that time, I love my 32GB black iPhone 4. I immediately felt the iPhone 4 is worse, " he says .

"We have two cell phone on his desk and immediately see that the iPhone is slightly thicker white 4," Cash added.

Based on reports from various sources,  white iPhone 4 is 0.2 mm thicker than the original model or a black.

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