Wow ... Lenovo Producing Tablets 23 Inches

Friday, April 15, 2011

The main advantage of the Tablet PC is located in a compact design and very easy to take. Therefore, very strange to hear the problems that Lenovo plans to release a tablet measuring 23 inches.

The discourse was expressed Senior Marketing Specialist William Cai Lenovo Tech Radar, Friday (04/15/2011). Cai Lenovo is currently still working on problems arising from the use of the battery resistance fix is so big screen.

"We think there is potential for Lenovo to launch 23-inch tablet. We need to think about battery life and weight reduction," said Cai.

So what about the main issues, namely the size of the tablet?

"Of course, this tablet is not for mobility purposes, but this tablet can be moved from room to room and is operated using a keyboard, or even television," he added.

"You can do it on the table and use it to play with your family. We hope to launch later this year," added Cai.

Lenovo had just the Android LePad tablet in China, the end of March. First introduced in cases where the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas last January, LePad have 10.1-inch color display and connected to the internet using 3G or WiFi service.

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