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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The decrease in sales of PCs in the world has finally happened. This is consistent with the predictions of analysts who believe that the tablet PC market could take.

The appearance of the tablets apparently a significant impact on the global PC shipments. Since its launch last year, Apple iPad tablet attracted the attention of consumers. No wonder, then work the same way as with computers, able to slow a good PC shipments worldwide.

Launched by the Straits Times Thursday (04/14/2011), data from International Data Corporation (IDC) show that global PC shipments worldwide, approximately 3.2 percent in the past three months. This result is surprising because for the first time this has happened in history.

Similar to data presented at Gartner PC shipments. Total PC shipments this quarter across the world reached 84.3 million units, down 1.1 percent from the acquisition of approximately three months earlier.

"Weak consumer demand, the PC is a major problem for this market. Low-priced consumer PCs, which was the growth of PCs in the world was no longer able to alert users to attract, " says Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa.

According to Kitagawa, consumers prefer a tablet or other portable electronic gadgets to buy instead of buying a cheap PC.

The analyst added IDC, PC sales decline is the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, where Japan is the location of the PC manufacturer that supplies to brands that dominate the world.

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